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                             ANTIQUE OIL & KERO LAMPS


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European Vase Lamp

with B Burner

English Duplex Corinthian
Column Banquet Lamp /New French
Vianne Etched Shade with Amber Tip
English Duplex Patterned Lemon Font
Corinthian Column
Lions Heads on Base
Font has small crack
at the top can be used. 

English Duplex Lamp
Patterned Cranberry Font
Large Cast Iron Base
with new Cranberry Shade

Miller Gold Leaf
Banquet Lamp

Made in USA


                                    6                                                                             7                                             8
Ornate Miller Vase Lamp with Ornate Miller Hornberger burner
Circa  1895
New Shade & Tripod
    1930's Australian Made Clear
Manufactured by
Crown Crystal
Glass Company
        European Lamp
with New Pink Vesta Shade
Hand Painted some wearing of Gold


                               9                          10                    11                    12                                 13                             14         
1930's Australian Made Amber
Alfred Lamp
Manufactured by Crown Crystal
Glass Company


1930's Australian Made Clear
Alfred Lamp
Manufactured by
Crown Crystal
Glass Company
  English Famos Incandescent Mantle Lamp. 
Original Famos Chimney  Opal Glass Shade


                              15                                      16                                        17                                  18                                     
Polished Brass Miller No 2 Centre Draught Lamp
Made in USA
   Miller No. 2 Wall/ Hanging
   Lamp Font  - New Shade
    Made in USA
Nickel  No. 1 Royal  Lamp Plume & Atwood Made In USA   SOLD Miller No. 1 Juno Lamp
with New Shade & Tripod

   Made in USA


                                   19                            20                    21                                  22                                   23

1940's English Bakelite Super Aladdin   Lamp

1950's Australian
Made Aladdin
Bakelite Lamp
1950's Australian Made Aladdin Chrome  Table Lamp with Super Burner
Nickel Aladdin Model 11      Lamp
Original Model 11 Shade 
1923 - 1928           

                                         24                            25                                                             26                            27



American Clear Turkey Foot Lamp - 1910 Small Opal Bismark 
Type Lamp - A Burner

Bismark Lamp Opal Base - Blue Font
10''' Kosmos Burner

                        28                                           29                                         30                                           31                    

Ornate Bronze Hanging Lamp with Brass Tank Dutch  Hanging Lamp
Original Shade    
Miller No.1 Hanging Lamp
Tin Shade has been repainted 

Miller Hanging Lamp  1890 s Working & All Original Hand Painted Shade & Font




                              32                                             33                                      34                                    35

Ornate Miller No. 0 Lamp
Height 9 1/2"
Circa 1895
1890's  Manhatten Nickel Student Lamp  without shade English Amber Font with
"A" Burner
Cast Iron Base Lamp


1930's - 1950's
Australian Made Fluted
Harrison Lamp
Glass fired Green
Manufactured by Crown Crystal

                      36                                           37                                      38                   39                        40

Australian Made 1940's Glass Font
New Hanging Bracket
Manufactured by John Gannon

Restored Dietz  Lantern   1930's Australian Made Clear
Manufactured by
Crown Crystal
Glass Company



                         44                           45

1930's Australian Made Clear
Manufactured by
Crown Crystal
Glass Company
1930's Australian Made Clear
Manufactured by
Crown Crystal
Glass Company